Where is The Jersey Shore?

When it comes time to plan your next vacation there will be lots of places vying for your attention and depending on what you would like to do you are sure to find some place that you will truly enjoy. Many people look to the Jersey Shore for much of that excitement. Most people though only know of the Jersey Shore from the popular TV show with all the wild, young people partying and drinking their way through a good time. It sounds like a wild place and if you’re into that sort of thing you will definitely not be disappointed on the Jersey coast.

But if you’re more into quaint little towns and quiet little villages, white sandy beaches, leisurely strolls on the boardwalk and a definite connection to the past you will definitely find that kin Jersey too. But before you even get to enjoy this place filled with so much excitement you need to know exactly where it is.

Where is the State of New Jersey?

To find New Jersey, simply pull out your old map of the United States and check out the Northeastern area. It is bordered in the East and North by the famed New York State and to the South by the Atlantic Ocean. To the West, you’ll find Pennsylvania and to the Southwest, you’ll run straight into Delaware. It is one out of five States that make up what is called the Mid-Atlantic States on the east coast.

The Jersey Shore is not like the infamous Carmen San Diego, hiding and challenging people to find her. The Jersey Shore is a little place that is just a stone’s throw from some rather big named places that tourists often frequent. Many people don’t even realize that while they are on a fantastic vacation to the ‘Big Apple’, they are just a short train ride from the Jersey Shore. Many people don’t realize this but from New York City’s Penn Station for only a few bucks you can enjoy a scenic ride straight to the New Jersey Coast.

The NJ Transit’s North Jersey Coast Line train will take you as far as Bay Head, NJ. From there it will be a short taxi ride to Seaside Heights, where the Jersey Shore reality TV show is filmed. It costs about $12.50 for a one-way ticket and the taxi ride should only take about 20 minutes. The entire journey should take just a little more than an hour.
Things you should know about the Jersey Shore
Along the extended section of Long Beach is where you will find much of the excitement you’ve been looking for. There is no ideal season to visit since the Jersey shore is open all year long.

All along Long Beach Island you will find the 15 hotels that make up the most popular destination spots in the State. So when you choose your hotel where you can have your fun in the sun you should have no problems. So, when you’re ready for some real adventure,contact us to found out more about how to take a trip to the Jersey Shore and re-live the experience of the star at Seaside Heights!

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