Hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome Jersey Shore Trip!!

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  • Monique


    I got the chance to go to the famous Jersey Shore and OMG it was so nice to get away from Australia. I will be back this summer for sure it’s like a party all day and games all over just so much to take in a week or more is needed for this. See ya in the summer time Jersey 🙂 and Sure Thing thanks a lot 😉

  • Emily


    Haven’t been here since before the Jersey Shore TV show.  The place got a lot cleaner and was fun to talk up and down the boardwalk in between my ocean time.  Would definitely come back 😉

  • Harry


    If your going down the shore, come to seaside, theres something to do for everyone! If you’ve watched the Jersey Shore, you’ll recognise the Jersey Shore house, Beachcomber, and the Shore Store for sure.

  • Brandon


    We had an incredible time at Karma, dancing the night away and yelling the words to songs you know you sing to yourself in the car. We even got to fist pump – which I highly recommend since it is highly addictive… lol 🙂

  • Dean


    We had a blast visiting the Seaside Heights Boardwalk… was so fun! I would definitely visit the Jersey Shore again. Maybe at a less humid time of year. Yeah right!!! Thanks Sure Thing for organising our trip!

  • Zac


    There’s nothing like a trip to the Jersey Shore Boardwalk a perfect place to take in the ocean views and sea breezes, want to come back again 😉

  • Tahlia


    The beach bar …. I give this place 5 stars for the party ambiance and views of the beach. I love coming here 🙂

  • Jeremy


    The shore store definitely a place to check out on your Jersey Shore tour!

  • Ned


    I did have a good time at Karma. Its a really good place to eat, drink, hang out, and get girls!!! Its a Fantastic place. Karma is one of my favourite club at Jersey shore.

  • Simmone


    My favourite place so far. Loved the surf beach, it is clean and inviting. I love Jersey shore and planning to return next year 😉

  • Yanexxx


    Apartment living…Had a great time! Jersey Shore style!

  • Revo


    We went to club Karma last year, nice place pretty big , outdoor & indoor space to move around we really enjoyed dancing, chilling & drinking with the

  • Brex


    We stayed also at their apartment in Miami South Beach – the room was great. The apartment was still exactly the same and the spa was exactly like it was when the Jersey Shore crew was there in season 2… took heaps of photos 😉

  • Lilah


    We loved experience here!! definitely staying here again…  Thank you Sure thing!

  • Dylan


    Thanks Sure Thing for Organising our Jersey Shore holiday package. We really had fun 🙂 !!!

  • Greg


    I went on Wed to Saturday night, and did the Jersey shore club/bar crawl, Thanks Sure Thing, got to experience everything..cheers!!!

  • Brad


    Karma’s neon blue lights drew me there like a fly to a fluorescent bug trap. I was like…must go in…must fist pump… lol! 😀 They were amazed that we came from Australia and we ended up drawing our own crowd lol (just cause we are from Aus) it was like being a mini celebrity lol

  • Iya


    We stayed at seaside heights, Sure Thing organised the package for us, the location is perfect as you’re right on the boardwalk and only steps from the beach and the view is SPECTACULAR!

  • Kaye


    Seaside Heights is great, it’s already built up. Got to see the shore store too (tshirt time), got to party all night and stay up on the boardwalk till sunrise… then time for GTL!

  • Kaden


    I stayed in the apartment in Miami where Paulie B and Vinnie stayed… Can’t believe it! I posted my pics up. Thanks heaps to Sure Thing for landing this package for us. Can’t wait to go back next winter (Summer in USA!)

  • Michelle


    I’m gonna shake my ass at Karma lol and get heaps of facebook photos up

  • Craig


    Can’t Wait to get my GTL on! Yehhhh!!! Thanks Sure Thing travel u guys rock!

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